Youth World Cup

American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup

This is an educational and leadership-based event for youth members from around the world.

The culmination of this event is a showcasing of skills learned in an atmosphere of friendly competition. It gives youth a unique opportunity to learn in a hands-on setting with other international youth horse enthusiasts.

Who gets to participate?

All AQHYA members are eligible to participate provided they meet each country’s qualification guidelines. Five competing team members and up to five (again, depending on each country’s procedures) supporting team members will represent each official AQHA international affiliate. Each country is also allowed to send one coach and one team manager.

Competing team members do not show their own horses. The host country provides each team’s horses for clinics and competition. AQHA relies heavily on its AQHA Professional Horsemen and member-owners to supply this event with the best American Quarter Horses around.


The Quarter Horse Youth World Cup was an Australian conception, with the first being held in Upper Beaconsfield, Australia in 1978 – Canada won, with USA and Australia also competing. The first of what is considered the modern World Cup was held in Australia in 1986 – this is the first time they pooled horses into teams and the host country were not allowed to ride their own horses and trainers were not allowed on the horses, only the Youth.

A year later the event was held in Olympia, Washington. The USA team emerged as the victors over Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

After a hiatus of seven years, the same four teams returned to Australia’s Upper Beaconsfield. This time USA and Australia tied for the 1986 Championship. In 1988 Brazil and West Germany joined the competition in Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1990 Japan, Italy and a team from Europe joined the competition. 1992 saw the same teams return. But in 1994 Brazil and Japan did not attend – but joining the competition were Italy, Switzerland and Netherlands.