Registering Your Horse


Need help to register your horse??
Check out this easy to follow flow chart – click here to download

Mare naturally bred to a New Zealand Classified Breeding Stallion

  • Complete Registration Application.
  • Provide DNA Markers of horse being registered and Parent Verification or send a hair sample to AQHA-NZ Office.
  • Provide any necessary test results for HYPP, Pssm1, MH, Gbed, Herda, OLWS or any other genetic test deemed necessary. If both parents are clear then this is classed as NR (Not Required) on the registration application. If a parent carries a genetic disease then the horse being registered will need to be tested for that genetic disease only.
  • Have pink copy of mare’s breeding certificate.
  • Ensure the registration fee has been paid online with an email to the office to show payment.
  • Post all of the above to the office.


Foals born in New Zealand and bred using AI:

  • Mare must be registered with AQHA-NZ and have DNA markers and 5 panel test on file
  • Complete registration application for foal
  • Complete the forms for Artificial Insemination breeding – Vet technicians are required to fill these out for both stallion collection & mare insemination
  • Provide DNA Profile and Parentage verification
  • Ensure sire has DNA markers and 5 panel test results on file with AQHA-NZ
  • It is the mare owner’s responsibility to provide this, extra fees may apply for office assistance
  • Ensure the registration fee has been paid online with an email to the office to show payment.
  • Include additional fee of $67.50 if you bred to a stallion not classified with AQHA/NZ.
  • Post of all the above to the office.


Foals with one Thoroughbred parent (Registered and Recorded):

  • Complete registration application for foal
  • Provide proof that the TB is registered with New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders
  • Provide DNA markers for the TB parent so parentage verification can be completed.
  • Foal must be 5 panel tested as it can be difficult to get 5 panel results for TB parent
  • Pay applicable fees and post to office

Excessive White:

  • Any horse with excessive white must supply OLWS genetic test
  • Any horse with excessive and unusual white markings may be declined from registration.

Any questions?

  • For any other registration queries please contact the AQHA-NZ office.
  • Forms are available on the AQHA-NZ website or you can email the office.

How do I pull hair for testing purposes?

  • Make sure that your horse is dry. Wrap 30-50 strands of hair from the mane or tail around a comb, a pen, or your finger and pull sharply. You should be able to see the hair bulbs (roots) at the base of the hair. Hair that is cut or broken and does not contain the hair bulb can not be used for testing.