Amateur Programme

The Trans Tasman Amateur Challenge 2022 was be held in Benalla, Victoria, AUSTRALIA on 19-25 September 2022.  

Contratulations to team NZ – who won a hard fought challenge against Australia and New Caledonia. We look forward to hosting this in New Zealand in 2024.

If you are interested in this exciting and rewarding opportunity to represent your country in a sport you love, see requirements below. 


– Payments to be made by required deadlines.
– Participate in all Amateur fundraising endeavours where possible.
Selection of the team members by the panel of selectors will be made following the 2024 National Show. Everyone nominated will be contacted via phone or email.

Requirements for 2024 Trans-Tasman Challenge 
– The nominated Amateur must hold a current Amateur Permit issued by AQHA-NZ as of August 1 of 2022 until after the completion of the Trans-Tasman competition.
– Be a current Financial Member of AQHA-NZ for the year starting 1st August 2022 until after the completion of the Trans-Tasman competition.
– Completion of the Trans-Tasman Nomination form and send this in to the AQHA-NZ office along with paying the nomination fee of $250.00 by the 1st September 2023. If selected for the team this nomination fee will be used towards costs for the Trans-Tasman competition and if unsuccessful in selection, it is non-refundable. 
– When nomination is complete, this is your commitment to follow through with the requirements, meet all criteria and pay all costs incurred from the time of nomination until all costing’s are finalised after the event. All costs involved in participation of the Trans-Tasman event is passed on to the team members (this includes, but is not limited to, uniforms, flights, accommodation, meals, team competition fees)
– Attend all Amateur Trans-Tasman training camps.
– Must compete in a minimum of two Amateur/Novice/Select Amateur classes in at least four AQHA-NZ and/or NZWRF approved shows in the 2023/2024 show season (must attend one AQHA-NZ Closed Show, North or South Island plus three other approved shows). In ADDITION to this you must compete at the 2024 AQHA-NZ National Show, in a minimum of five Amateur/Novice/Select Amateur classes. All of these required shows must be ridden on your own, leased or family owned AQHA-NZ registered Quarter Horse.
– If, for any reason, you have to withdraw your nomination, it will be your responsibility to meet any costs incurred by yourself until the point that you send a letter, either in writing or via email, of withdrawal from the team to AQHA-NZ Council.
– Have the ability to offer two AQHA-NZ registered Quarter Horses and equipment required for both horses to compete if selected suitable for the Trans-Tasman competition requirements.
– In the case of injury or illness to your competing horse, or yourself, during the qualifying time frame, it will be necessary to apply in writing within the month to AQHA-NZ council for dispensation to ride a leased/borrowed horse to complete the riding sections of the criteria, you will be notified of Council’s decision in a timely manner.
– If for any reason you can-not attend any of the required shows or training sessions, you must apply in writing with your reason, to AQHA-NZ Council BEFORE the event in question to request a dispensation, you will be notified of Council’s decision before that event.


– All team member’s are to show respect at all times. This includes when in public at shows and any training sessions etc.
Disrespectful conduct towards trainers, manager, coach and other team members will not be tolerated.
– Safety and welfare for both horses and people to be shown at all times.

 Amateur trainings
All team member’s are to ride a registered quarter horse.
– Lateness: all team members must show up to training sessions on time.
– Drugs (unprescribed) is not acceptable in any form. Where a team member is taking prescribed medicines that may impact on their performance or behaviour then the training organiser must be informed.
– All team members are expected to help out, when required, during these training sessions.
– Except for the team member – no person or family member is to ride in the arena that has been booked and paid for by AQHA-NZ while training is taking place.
– A tagged safety helmet with harness may be a requirement depending on the venue booked for the training session.


Amateur Clinics

The Amateur Division runs clinics at least once a year. Last held in Taupo June 2022 with three trainers over two days.

We are currently planning more clinics and hope to have something running soon for both the North and South Island Amateur members.