Breeding a Quarter Horse

Breeding a Quarter Horse?

You may have already chosen your mare and stallion to breed, but if not, or if you are a first time breeder it is worth doing some research or due diligence before making your final choice of either Dam or Sire. You are creating a life here, you want it to be a happy, long and healthy life! There is a lot of information out there but most importantly seek information from reputable resources!

The mare you choose to breed is just as important as the stallion choice. Not only do you want to check the breeding lines against the stallion of choice, the conformation (no undesirable traits that could impact the progeny) but also check the mares five or six panel test results. Is the mare parent verified to be ‘not required’ to test for these diseases. Also check her registration status to avoid later troubles when registering her progeny.

The stallion is also a very important choice, all of the details above for the mare applies here also. Ask the stallion owner for a breeding contract to read and ask questions, they are more than willing to help you make the right decision for your mare!

Next…ENJOY THE PROCESS! It is so exciting planning and then getting to the end result, a beautiful Quarter Horse foal that will make everyone’s life better around it!

A Quarter Horse that will be someone’s best friend for a long time!

Do the following to enable the foal to be registered:

If you are considering breeding your mare and wish to register the progeny with AQHA-NZ, there are some things you should be aware of when choosing a stallion.

  • The stallion must be registered and classified with AQHA-NZ, which includes his DNA Markers and five panel test on file (as of 1.9.23 a six panel test including MYHM is required)
  • The stallion owner must be a member of AQHA-NZ at the time of breeding
  • The stallion owner must supply you with a pink breeding slip once your mare is vetted in foal
  • The stallion owner CANNOT withhold the pink breeding slip if your mare is vetted in foal, as the pink breeding slip is an AQHA-NZ document
  • If you are purchasing an in-foal mare make sure as well as the registration certificate you also receive from the owner the pink breeding slip relevant to that breeding
  • The Mare must have DNA markers and five panel test results on file with AQHA-NZ (as of 1.9.25 a six panel test including MYHM is required)

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