Buying a Quarter Horse?

Buying a Quarter Horse?

If you’re in the market for a Quarter Horse, you want the buying process to run smoothly.  

We’ve put together a handy check list for you, so you know what to check when considering purchasing your Quarter Horse: 

Check registration

  • Is the foal/horse you’re purchasing registered with AQHA-NZ? 
  • Make sure you sight a registration certificate prior to purchasing
  • Registering the foal/horse is the responsibility of the breeder of that progeny 
  • You can double check the on line stud book if you know the registered name of the horse – Click here to go to the online studbook
  • If you purchase an unregistered Quarter Horse don’t take it for granted this horse can be registered; registration may not be possible as both parents need to be registered with AQHA-NZ

Is the horse 5/6 panel tested?

  • It is best to check that the horse you are purchasing is 5 or 6 panel clear, this is to avoid any surprises in the future
  • Information about 5/6 panel tests can be found on our Genetic Testing page by clicking here
  • You can check this on online studbook as well (if the test has been recorded with AQHA-NZ) – Click here to go to the online studbook 


Transfer the horse into your name

  • The owner needs to fill out a Transfer of Registration form from them to you
  • The owner gives this form, and the original Registration Certificate to you
  • Send these forms into the office relevant fee